The Circus of Objects is a new project initiated in 2010 at the book launch of Open Fragments, a book on the history of Adhere And Deny and published by Lives of Dogs. Design by Susan Chafe.

The original Circus of Objects was a solo show performed by Grant Guy. Edition Two and Three of the Circus of Objects were performed at puppetslams presented by the Winnipeg Puppet Collective. Both performances were solo shows performed by Grant Guy. The Fourth Edition was presented in Adhere And Deny's pocket theatre on June 23, 2011. The June 23 presentation was a workshop presentation that reflected the larger intent for the Circus of Objects. Grant Guy, now as Dok Trinaire acted as ringmaster and presented his tabletop circus acts. Also performing on the bill were Secondhand pants, Wishweweres, Lyndsay Ladobruk and Liz Garlicki, Ken Gregory, Carolyn Gray and Graham Ashmore. LIVE WIRE, a video by Alex Poruchnyk was screened, along with five videos commissions of jaymez (picture) and Susan Chafe (audio).

Another solo performance of the Circus of Objects was presented in September of 2011. This circus edition had the subtitle of ACTION FOR STUART SHERMAN.

On May 16th, 2012, at POP SODA's (625 Portage Ave) Adhere And Deny will mount another large workshop production of the Circus of Objects with Chris Sabel, Lyndsay Ladrobruk, Carolyn Gray, Graham Ashmore, Samantha Halas, Minor, Gerry Atwell, Freya Olafson and Mike Olito. A video by Brenna George and jaymez and Susan Chafe.

The Circus of Objects will include performing objects by Andrew Milne, Ken Gregory, Tom Elliott, Collin Zipp, Reva Stone, Shawna Dempsey and Lorri Milan, Erika Lincoln, Vanessa Rigaux, Hugh Conacher and Mark Sussman.

In September of 2012 Adhere And Deny will present a series of circus events once or twice a month. In the 2012/13 season the Circus of Objects will be a combination of cabaret and circus. There is a profaneness or a pataphysical construct in these popular art forms for Adhere And Deny to balance off its more sublime or meditative work.

Artists planned to present work in the 2012/13 season are Chris Sabel, Alexandra Elliot, Jolene Bailie, Debbie Patterson, Ellen Peterson, Carolyn Gray, Jonathan Bevan, Brenda McLean, Rob Fordyce, Liz Garlicki, Ken Gregory, Dan Walechuk, Tom Keenan, Arne MacPherson, Graham Ashmore, Mia Van Leeuwen, Minor, Samantha Halas, Lyndsay Ladobruk and Freya Olafson.

The Circus of Objects is funded by the Winnipeg Arts Council and the Manitoba Arts Council.

Make Circus Not War


Circus of Objects: Fourth Edition. Photos by Leif Norman